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Le Rêve Charity Foundation


The Le Rêve Charity Foundation is the not for profit arm of Le Rêve Pty Ltd created and dedicated to raising money for worthy causes. The Foundation provides a forum through which the many stake-holders of Le Rêve can express appreciation to the communities of Australia and New Zealand whose support makes our enterprise possible.

The Le Rêve Charity Foundation is delighted to be an official partner of World Vision Australia and Breast Cancer Network Australia.
Le Rêve has created two beautiful miniature perfumes which are sold to Le Rêve customers for just $5 each with $1 from the sale of every perfume going to the wonderful charities the Le Rêve Charity Foundation supports.


“I express profound gratitude to Le Rêve Consultants and Directors everywhere who are so committed to our fundraising efforts and who have such genuine

desires to make a difference in the lives of those in need. I also express appreciation to our wonderful Le Rêve customers who purchase our products thus enabling us to contribute to the worthy charities that we partner.”


Jenny Hobby

President of The Le Rêve Charity Foundation