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Ordering Information

 Customer Support

To enquire about the status of an order or for assistance with any online shopping problems, please email us or phone our customer support hotline on 1300 662 840 in Australia or 09 415 5678 in New Zealand. 

Australian business hours are from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. New Zealand business hours are from 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Customer support is not available on public holidays and a one week shutdown period normally applies between Christmas and New Year.

How to Shop

Shopping online is easy!

1. Start by selecting a product range from the navigation bar – ‘Perfume’, ‘Aromatherapy’ or ‘Skincare’.

  • If you select ‘Perfume’, a list of products grouped into categories will appear on the far left of screen. Click on a product and a full list of available fragrances will appear alongside. Select a fragrance type and the product will appear in the shopping window. If you select a Set Saver from the Perfume range, you will be asked to select your fragrance(s) of choice from a pop up or drop down menu when you click the 'Add to Cart' button.
  • If you select ‘Aromatherapy’, a list of product categories will appear on the far left of screen. Click on a product category and a full list of available products will appear alongside. Select a product and it will appear in the shopping window.
  • If you select ‘Skincare’, a list of skin type categories will appear on the far left of screen. Click on your skin type and a full list of available products suited to your skin will appear alongside. Alternatively click on a generic product category and products suited for all skin types will appear. Select a product and it will appear in the shopping window. If you select a Set Saver from the Skincare range, you will be asked to select your skin type for selected Set Savers from drop down menu.

2. To order a product, click on the ‘Add to Cart’ icon in the shopping window. Your Shopping Cart will appear with all items you have currently selected. You have the opportunity at this point to increase or decrease the quantity of a single product line or remove an item from your shopping cart.

  • If you have selected a Set Saver and have a voucher code, enter the code, OR
  • If you wish to order more full priced products click on the ‘Continue Shopping’ icon, OR
  • If you do not wish to purchase anymore products click on the ‘Checkout’ icon.

3. Register as a Rêve customer

  • If you are a first time online shopper with Le Rêve please click the ‘Register’ icon to set up your account. You will be directed to a secure page where you may enter personal information to be saved in your account profile. Once you’ve completed all details, click on the ‘Proceed’ icon to continue with your order.
  • If you are already registered as a Le Rêve VIP Customer please enter your email address and password and click on the ‘Submit’ icon. 

4. Once you have logged in, confirm all delivery details for this order. Your profile is retained on file and is your default delivery address, but you may choose an alternate delivery address for an order if you wish (this alternate address will not be retained on file for future orders). Click on the ‘Next’ icon to proceed to order payment.

5. Le Rêve accepts Visa and Mastercard for all online orders. Enter all required credit card information and when finished click on the ‘Process’ icon only once to submit your order. You will receive a receipt confirmation and will be directed back to the home page on the Le Rêve website.

Out of Stock Items

Whilst we make every endeavour to carry ample stock of all products at all times, it is sometimes impossible to predict demand which can lead to items being out of stock for a short period of time. As soon as out of stock items are received back into stock at Le Rêve they are dispatched immediately to the same delivery address at no extra charge. 

Returns Policy

Le Rêve will gladly arrange a refund, exchange or replacement for any unsatisfactory product within 21 days of order dispatch. To arrange for a product return, please contact customer support during normal business hours.  

Shipping Information

Le Rêve offers a flat shipping rate on all orders of just $4.50. 

In stock items are normally dispatched within one business day of receiving your order. All of the items in your order must be sent to a single delivery address.

A valid Australian or New Zealand postal address is required for all deliveries. We regret that we are unable to ship orders to other International locations.

Website Security

Your Le Rêve online shopping experience is safe and secure thanks to the use of the SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL uses 128 bit encryption to protect your personal information from being intercepted by an unauthorised party and is the standard used by all reputable e-commerce sites.

Additionally, no credit card information is stored on our web servers, ensuring that it cannot be copied or used in any way once your payment has been processed.

Due to a growing amount of internet fraud through stolen or invalid credit card numbers, Le Rêve has found it necessary to implement stricter security measures in an effort to reduce the risk of credit card misuse. This will help safeguard ourselves and you, our customer, against any criminal activity.

Please note that since we began trading we have not experienced one instance of credit card fraud resulting from information given to us.

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