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Investing In People

Le Rêve recognises that great leaders make great companies and accordingly invests heavily in the leadership development of our ambitious Consultants. Leadership opportunities are available to all Consultants who have a vision of their own unlimited potential and the financial rewards at the higher levels can lead to the acquiring of genuine wealth. In harmony with the economic benefits for our leaders, Le Rêve also makes available wonderful lifestyle experiences such as 5-Star travel, exclusive events and the awarding of expensive jewellery to name a few.

A Car That You Get to Keep

We firmly believe that our Car Program is the best in the industry because we don’t just lend a Company Car to our leaders to drive for a time, we allow them to purchase a brand new car in their name and we finance it! Imagine owning a vehicle outright that you get to choose and Le Rêve gets to pay for… READ MORE


Ability to Grow and Develop

Our own research has shown that one of the most satisfying and important outcomes of becoming a leader in our business is the growth in confidence and skills that occurs both consciously and subconsciously along the way. Personal development is constant for our Consultants and world-renowned professional leadership courses are made available to qualifying Le Rêve leaders. Not only will you learn skills to use in your Le Rêve business but you’ll adopt organisational and managerial habits applicable in your family life as well.   

Leadership in Le Rêve is a self-fulfilling process of growth and prosperity which we invite you to examine. To find out more please
click here  and leave us your contact details.



Real Stories! 

"I fell in love with Le Rêve perfume more than ten years ago. At the time I had a successful corporate career but I ditched it for a more exciting one with Le Rêve and I’ve never looked back..." READ THE FULL STORY

Antoinette Muscari

Senior Executive Director, Victoria